Packaging Equipment by Handle-It in Anaheim, CA

Are you looking for a packaging equipment for your warehouse? Shelf Master has your Solution. We offer Warehouse Packaging Equipment.

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Stretch Wrap Machines

Low Profile Semi Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It Low Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine provides superior film economy (250%), Step-less frequency variation motor, and ease of operation.

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High-Duty Cycle Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It High Duty Cycle Semi-Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine comes standard with the X-Stretch film carriage that provides superior film economy (250%) film tension and user safety. The Pro-Glide turntable support system is maintenance free and features superior weight capacity.
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Robotic Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle-It® is proud to introduce the SWM-MR-2000 mobile robot semi-auto stretch wrap machine. Ideal for wrapping material that is on oddly shaped or sized.

The SWM-MR-2000 offers a simple, durable, and reliable design that allows workers to become more efficient.
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Stretch Wrap Machine Film

70 Gauge (17.8 Mictro) x 20″ x 5000 ft. Ideal for

  • Handle-It Stretch Wrap Machines
  • Heavy Blown
  • Superior Wrapping Capacity
  • Available Individually or In Cases of six