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High Pile Storage Services in Southern California

If you are you storing certain commodities over 12 feet high or high hazard materials over 6 feet high, there are specific safety standards and regulations that you have to abide by to stack high piled storage. Adhering to fire codes is a vital part of securing the safety of your warehouse, and Shelf Master is here to help your company make sure you avoid any fines, penalties, or safety risks.


The Fire Protection International Consortium, Inc. (FPI) states four areas that your warehouse needs to comply with to meet the required safety standards, including:

  • Commodity classification of your products
  • Required fire sprinkler design criteria
  • Fire Code storage measures to include fire department vehicle access, firefighter doors, and smoke ventilation
  • Storage arrangement compliance with the code regarding exit travel and the proper number of exits


Getting requirements squared away before you lease or purchase your space is essential for sustaining optimal uptime and evading long-term issues for your facility. That’s where Shelf Master comes in. Whether or not you meet the guidelines comes down to:

  • Age of your building
  • Quality of your sprinklers
  • Flammability of your product
  • How high you’re storing it

All of these circumstances determine your position as far as building requirements go. So what can you do to guarantee your warehouse meets the necessary storage standards?


High Pile Storage: Get Your Permits Ahead of Time


Shelf Master specializes in proactive, dependable service that puts you in a better position moving forward. If you’re storing commodities that fall under the stated FPI classifications, now is the best time to take action. Our team’s expert knowledge in helping facilities secure the right permitting will make it possible for you to continue to focus on doing what you do best. The last thing you need is to worry about whether you’re adhering to the industry standard for safety. Be proactive and start working with Shelf Master today.


High Pile Storage: Take a Proactive Stance


Why leave something to the last moment that you can accomplish now? High pile storage requires diligent, accurate planning. At Shelf Master, we have the expertise to help you navigate potentially full situations. Our ultimate goal is to help your team move forward and focus on doing what you do best. 


To learn more about how our team of experts can make your future that much more brilliant, contact us today. Make safety a preference, and solidify your operations today with Shelf Master.


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