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Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine in Anaheim, CA

The Handle-It® SWM-SA-1000 Stretch Wrap Machine is a High Duty Cycle Low-Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine comes standard with the X-Stretch film carriage that provides superior film economy (250%) film tension and user safety. The Pro-Glide turntable support system is maintenance free and features superior weight capacity.


Features and Benefits of the SWM-SA-Stretch Wrap Machine

  • X-Stretch Technology Guarantees Superior Film Economy (250%)
  • Electronically Adjustable Film Tension
  • High Duty Cycle
  • Maintenance Free Ball Bearing Carriage Guide
  • Automatic Corner Compensation
  • Life-Time Warranty on Stretch Rollers
  • Forklift Portable
  • 1/2 Horsepower Turntable Drive Motor
  • Maintenance Free Turntable Support Casters
  • Photo-Eye Automatic Height Detection
  • Gentle Cycle For Light or Unstable Pallets

Popular Options

  • Standard Loading Ramp For Pallet Jack
  • Extended Heavy Duty Ramp for Electrical Walkie
  • Wrap Height Extension for Taller Pallets
  • Frame Extension for Larger Pallets
  • Turntable Surround Deck for Pit Mounting
  • Scale Package with Digital Weight Indicator
  • Auto Film Cut
  • 30″ Film Carriage

Technical Specification

Turntable speed Adjustable up to 16 rpm
 Control Type  Full-Feature Semi Automatic
 Max Load Capacity  5,000 lbs
 Max Load Height  86″
 Turntable Size  59″ Diameter
 Turntable height  3″ from floor
 Prestretch ratio  250% Standard
 Max  Load Size  56″ x 56″
 Electrical  115/1/60 15 amp
 Warranty  3/5 year limited
 Tower Height  85″
 Clearance Required  95″