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SWM-MR-2000 Robotic Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle-It® is proud to introduce the SWM-MR-2000 Robotic Stretch Wrap machine is a mobile robotic semi-auto stretch wrap machine. Ideal for wrapping material that is on oddly shaped or sized.

The SWM-MR-2000 offers a simple, durable, and reliable design that allows workers to become more efficient.


Features and Benefits

  • Up to 250% pre stretch which increases utilization and efficiency while decreasing material costs.
  • Easy to program electronic controls that are highly customizable for your needs.
  • You can wrap pallets up to 84” high.
  • Unit is self-propelled allowing your workforce to be more productive!
  • Unit will wrap 250+ pallets per charge.
  • Rotation speed up to 250ft/min.
  • Easy way to wrap standard or oversized and non-square pallets.
  • Minimum pallet size 24” x 24”
  • Power Supply: 220V 50HZ 1PH, 24vdc Battery
  • Economically priced! Machine can pay for itself in as little as 9 months!