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SureStep Work Platforms (Mezzanines) are designed to increase space

With preconfigured components engineered to sustain the standard 125 psf uniform loading capacities and bolted connections for easier installation, SureSTEP freestanding work plat­ forms are straightforward methods to utilize the square footage you have and, double your useable floorspace.

Rigid Frame Construction

By maintaining right angles between the wide flange beams and supportive columns, the SureST­ EP Work Platforms feature stronger connections that allow for:

  • Wider spans: of 30′ in either direction (only for structural platform I mezzanine).
  • Enhanced spatialflexibility: with less need for supportive columns, the ground floor is freed for more versatile uses.
  • Better load-bearing capacities: increased capabilities to withstand excessive impact loads, seismic loads, and accidental overloads.
  • Easy assembly: Bolted connections allow for straightforward assembly.

Wide Flange Beams

With their typical yield strength minimum of 50 ksi, these beams are used for larger spans and higher load applications. Can be used in conjunc­ tion with C-channelbeams such as: “W” shaped beams, struts, and cold formed joists.


Unlike any other manufacturer, SureSTEP Work
Platforms have TWO column styles:

Hybrid: formed-galvanized beams with square-structural columns

Structural: structural columns, beams, struts and joists. Recommended for larger loading require­ ments.

Can be located near existing building walls or supports. Also with Structural Columns, a project can use fewer columns due to wide spans.

Both columns can be sized to meet your applications. See spec sheet for details.

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