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About Shelf Master in Anaheim, CA

Shelf Master, Inc. has been providing companies throughout the United States with storage and material handling solutions since 1970. The company currently operates from our corporate offices and distribution warehouse located in Anaheim, California.

Shelf Master, Inc. is a member of Material Handling Equipment Dealers Association (MHEDA) and the Material Handling and Management Society (MHMS).

Mission Statement

Our company goal is to offer our customers quality shelving and storage products, competitive pricing, and outstanding customer service. We represent major name brand product lines. By stocking the materials, Shelf Master is positioned to offer competitive pricing regardless of order size. Outstanding customer service is achieved by utilizing professional sales personnel, experienced customer service staff, active management, and in-house delivery, installation and CAD design personnel.

What Makes Shelf Master Different?

  •  Professional storage system layout drawings
  •  Building permit service
  •  Small and large projects
  •  New and used material
  •  Work with engineers specializing in storage systems
  •  Increase your storage capacity
  •  Maximize warehouse efficiency
  •  Efficient, reliable and fast
  •  Quality materials

Our Philosophy of Business

We believe in the free enterprise system that is based on the competitive market and private ownership of property. We believe that we have a place in that system as long as we perform a service for one or more elements of the system. Our reward for performance takes the form of profit, and the amount of profit we make is directly related to how well we perform our service.

Within this competitive framework, we believe in equality of opportunity for all regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.

We believe in the inherent dignity of the individual. Consequently, we believe that everybody is entitled to be treated with courtesy, respect, and fairness.

We believe in compassion for the unfortunate, and because business is the only truly innovative force in our society, we believe we should actively participate in voluntary charity organizations that aim to relieve the plight of those less fortunate than we.

We believe that the basic ingredient for survival in business is honesty in all dealings – both internal and external Integrity in business is built and earned over a long period of time through prompt honoring of commitments and fair dealing with all.

What is five star service?

It’s an attitude.
It’s a commitment.
It’s what distinguishes us from our competitors.
It’s the reason we’re in business today.

You see ours is a very competitive marketplace. To survive in it, to flourish and grow in it, we’ve had to keep its basic truths firmly in mind:

  • That our success depends on our customer’s conviction that he will receive better service from us than from our competitor;
  • That none of the shelving, storage and material handling equipment we offer is more reliable than the people who stand behind it;
  • That a customer unsatisfied for any reason will soon become someone else’s customer.

As a result, we have dedicated ourselves to an ideal of superior customer service. We’ve promised our customers something we’ve come to call Five Star Service. It is a promise to focus the efforts of every Shelf Master, Inc. associate on the goal of complete customer satisfaction.

That sort of promise is more often made than kept, and some of our first talks about Five Star Service were skeptically received. However, hard work and promises kept have turned skeptics into believers, and better service has brought better business. Our future has never been brighter, and Five Star Service is the reason.

In the final analysis Five Star Service is more than a guarantee of what our customers can expect from us. It’s a reminder of what we must always expect from ourselves.

Service is our only business and excellence is our only standard.

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