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Shelving Systems

Looking for shelving systems? Our name says it all, “Shelf Master”. We offer a full range of shelving systems and types such as; bolt-less shelving, industrial steel shelving (open and closed), and a full line of wire shelving. Whether you need a single unit or a total shelving system, we have the solution to your shelving needs.

Boltless Shelving

Boltless Shelving, is the preferred in the industry. The boltless storage systems are designed to store bulk and odd shaped items.
The Boltless shelving units can be designed to have uninterrupted spans of 96′ without the need for back or side sway braces.
The Boltless Shelving units combine diverse storage capabilities and cost effective pricing.

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Steel Shelving

The constant need for increased storage drives some companies to expand their facilities to multiple warehouse locations, resulting in excessive operations costs per square foot of storage.
Installing cost effective steel shelving storage solutions by Western Pacific Storage is the ideal solution.

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Wire Shelving

We proudly provide Metro Wire Shelving – Metro is synonymous with heavy-duty industrial wire shelving within the commercial space. Metro commercial shelving is often sought after by facilities due to being one of the most reliable storage racks available.

The Benefits of Wire Shelving For Commercial Use
By design, wire shelving is elegant, minimalist, and timeless. It is a proven, strong, versatile, and durable storage solution for over 50 years. Our wire shelving, often referred to as wire racks, metal shelving, or metal racks, is second-to-none against the competition.

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