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Best Cantilever Rack Systems | Orange County

Finding a storage solution that is uniquely designed to fit your industry needs can be challenging.  At Shelf Master, we’ve made finding the right industrial solution simple in Orange County. Shelf Master’s cantilever rack systems are designed to organize and store long or oddly shaped objects such as carpet, lumber, aluminum sheets, conduit, steel bars, pipes, and drywall. At Shelf Master, our goal is to offer a variety of rack storage options to provide manufacturers the ability to increase efficiency and productivity.

Advantages of Cantilever Rack Systems in Orange County

Cantilever rack systems help organize bulky items by segregating the pieces into rows and keep your warehouse floor free of obstruction.  The unique rack system can increase productivity and service quality by:

  • Easy use with no front column to disrupt the flow
  • Faster loading and unloading capabilities
  • Lower handing time and cost
  • Ability to place loads anywhere along the entire length of the row
  • Versatile configurations
  • Various weight support

Shelf Master’s cantilever rack system is more compact than any other system because of the lack of front columns saving you the extra space allocated in a standard pallet rack system.

Cantilever Rack System Options

At Shelf Master, we understand the high demands of industrial storage and offer multiple solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • Standard Duty Cantilever Racks
  • Light Duty Cantilever Racks
  • I-Beam Cantilever Racks
  • Furniture Cantilever Racks

Shelf Master offers multiple cantilever rack systems to meet the needs of a variety of industries.  To find the best system for your storage needs, contact Shelf Master’s cantilever rack experts at (800) 847-4353.

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