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Benefits of Boltless Racks & Shelving Systems | Southern California

Finding the perfect shelving to meet the increasing demands of your industry can be challenging. At Shelf Master, we understand the need for durable, long-lasting easy to install shelving solutions.  With the ability to store large amounts of items without needing to install back or side sway braces, boltless racks and shelving systems are a simple solution to meet a variety of storage needs in Southern California.

What are the Advantages of Boltless Racks and Shelving Systems?

Boltless racks and shelving systems are not only easy to assemble but offer multiple benefits to guarantee quality storage capabilities including

Complete boltless connection – no bolts, screws, or pins

Access to all sides – no sway or cross braces

Maximize storage with multiple shelf storage options

Variety of shelf options – particleboard, melamine, wire mesh decking, metal shelves, and fire retardant boards

Maximum storage option with various sizes from 12″ depth to 96″ width

Versatile and efficient with a long life span

How Much Time and Money is Invested in Boltless Rack & Shelving Systems?

Shelf Master carries a wide variety of shelving options to meet the storage needs of office, manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.  Our boltless rack and shelving systems offer hassle-free assembly, reduce installation costs by 30%-40% compared to bolted systems, and save time with access to all sides for easy use.  With strength and durability, Shelf Master boltless racks and shelving systems have a long life span allowing industries to save on replacement costs over time.

To order the storage solution that is best for your industry, contact Shelf Master’s warehouse specialist at (800) 847-4353.

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