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Secure Data Cages

Security is important for any facility, especially one protecting so much user data. Our open but secure design allow free circulation of light, HVAC and fire suppression systems throughout the secured server storage areas and a variety of sizes and options are available. Strong, durable and attractive server cages will impress potential clients by showing your attention to quality and security. Made from our wire partition, your servers will be able to breathe without compromising security. Our Server Cage partition panels easily bolt together and are shipped already sized. No cutting or grinding is required, so there is no worry about debris infiltrating the air during server cage installation in an operating facility. All necessary hardware is included with your order.

Types Of Data Cages

Server Collocation Enclosures (Data Center Cages)

Wire Crafters server cages allow side by side storage of server racks without wasting space while maintaining individual or multiple-rack security and secure access. Server cages are an inexpensive, modular option to your network security issues.

Strong and Secure Server Data Cages

Server  Data Cages are constructed of wire mesh partition panels made from 10 Gauge wire, woven int a 2″ X 1″  rectangular mesh design. This wire mesh is then framed in a 1 1/4 X 1 1/4 X 1/8 hot rolled angle frame. Depending on the size of the wire partition panels.

The wire mesh panels bolt directly to a 2″ square, 14 gauge steel tube post with 3/8″ hardware – which allows for the strongest server cages in the industry. The posts have a welded base plate comes with anchors to ensure a strong rigid wire partition system.

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