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  • Overall raised heights available from 38″ to 47″
  • Oversized platforms available to 66″ × 64″ on FL-4860 series lifts
  • Safety velocity fuse located near the cylinder as a precaution for hydraulic pressure failure
  • 3/8″ or 1/2″ lowered height provides smooth entry of pallet trucks or other handling equipment
  • Externally mounted 115/1/60 power unit
  • Standard foot control, and no charge optional hand control
  • Self lubricating, oil-impregnated bronze bushings at pivot points
  • Dual sealed high quality bearings at roller points
  • Narrow sidewalls allow the worker to be closer to the products being loaded
  • Galvanized, stainless steel, or Steel-It paint available for wash-down applications
  • Options for these units include lift and tilt up to 45 degrees, three phase power pack, safety guard rail, limit switches, photo eyes, accordion safety skirts, custom platform sizes, safety tape switch, eye bolts, and “Zero clearance” loading dock style lift.