Anchors For Pallet Rack and Shelving



Anchors for Pallet Rack and Shelving for your next project

Need anchors for pallet rack and shelving? Shelf Master carries standard size concrete wedge anchors which are commonly used to support pallet rack systems. Shelf Master has a wide selection of pallet rack anchors for almost every job.

Whether you are working with; Selective Pallet Rack, Structural Pallet Rack, Drive-In/Drive-Thru, Push Back Rack, Cantilever, Case Flow or Carton Flow Rack having the adequate anchors are essential to getting the job done. We also offer concrete wedge anchors for shelving. Please contact us for pricing and quantity.


Pallet Rack Anchors

Shelf master carries standard concrete anchors 1/2″  X 4 1/2″


7413SDShelving Anchors

Shelf Master also carries Anchors for shelving units. 3/8″ X 3″